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Amazing! That’s the only way I can describe the job you did on my sofa and love seat today. I have never written a testimonial letter in my life, but your service deserved it. My wife was to the point of replacing the two pieces, which were in good condition except soiled by use. I was looking at spending several thousands of dollars to buy new living room furniture. While they do not look new, they look as well as any three-year-old, light-colored fabric sofa and love seat I have ever seen.

Tara T.

Our technician was very helpful and courteous and he did a very thorough job. Most of the spots that had been there forever are now gone.

Adriana A.

I have always been very pleased with the way my carpets look after they have been cleaned by Chem-Dry. I do appreciate the way pieces of plastic are placed under wooden furniture legs thus preventing staining from the wood.

Rita C.

Magic marker? match for my Chem-Dry rep.  Our sofa set (red and orange colored - but a nice red and orange) had never been cleaned in the 13 years we've owned them.  The edges were 'stained' in blue jean dye, dirty toddler hand remnants, cat face rub oil, and, thanks to my neighbor never teaching his children how to blow their nose...snot.  And not just allergy snot.  I'm talking green infectious mucus that just doesn't come off with a wipe of a wet paper towel.  Chem Dry was able to remove most of what was making our furniture look like dingy 70's basement seats to the modern pieces of art they were meant to be.  Yes, I could have spent $280 on a home steamer but I am fairly certain the results would have been less than desired.  And as an add - the person who did the cleaning gave great suggestions on cleaning our floor tiles using natural stuff found in our kitchen.  I was really impressed with him.

Kristy V.

The technician was very friendly, knowledgeable and thorough. I had never had my carpets done professionally and had I known how simple and quick with the results we got, would have called a long time ago.

Tim N.

Your staff was professional, friendly and accommodating. They were prompt, went right to work and completed the job in a minimum amount of time. They explained everything and did a wonderful job. The carpeting looks as though it was purchased yesterday.

Lawrence D.

Just have to say Chem-Dry is the best! Been using them for 15 years and have referred them to numerous people with many thanks! You just can’t beat awesome service and customer service! A step above the rest! Will never use anyone but them!

Joan H.

Bob out of Lakeland, FL came to a rental that had semi-cheap carpet to begin with, which I thought was ruined beyond repair. Bob worked very hard to get the many stains out that had been aquired over a 5 year period and did an amazing job! He was so friendly and I could tell he takes his job very seriously and with pride! Can't say enough good things about my service tech and his personal and professional skills. Yes, I will definately use Chem-Dry again and ask for BOB!!!!

Phoebe Gargus

I was very pleased with my experience with your company. My carpet looks almost brand new. I will definitely have you back again. David was very pleasant and informative. As far as your products, they did the trick removing the doggy odor that was coming from my carpet. Thank you.

Debbie B.

DJ and the rest of his crew were professional, polite, well trained, and tireless. They did exactly what they said they were going to do when they said they would do it, and were absolutely fabulous to work with.

Mike W.

The cleaning of my pet stained carpet was amazing!, I am only sorry I waited so long to have it done.  I thought there was no hope of the carpet looking new again.  The room also smells refreshed !! Thanks ChemDry!

Dianne M

Gary just completed cleaning our carpets and he not only did an excellent job, but was extremely professional.  Our carpets really look good again. We run a business out of our home and have lots of foot traffic.  We now have someone to call for all our carpet cleaning needs.  Thank you!

Brenda T

We have used these guys forever! 4th time at this home, always courteous, prompt on arrival time, wonderful job cleaning carpets and clean up as though they weren't even here.

I would recommend them for any family and friends to use.!!

Jennifer S

I like the process leaving carpet damp but not wet. Dries soft in just a few hours. Friendly and professional service. Service tech did a great job in a short amount of time.

Joan T.

The friendliness of the personnel at the company impressed me. The quality of work was well done. I had a carpet that my wife and I thought would have to be thrown out and EVERYTHING came out of it. My brother and daughter could not believe how great that carpet and ALL the carpets came out! I am happier than a pig in mud! Thank you! 

Randy B.

I am completely amazed and overjoyed at what these men did for my carpets! I thought there was no way they could get that horrible candle wax stain out of my living room carpet-and they did. My husband spoke with them about getting the entire house done., and still I thought it may not be cost effective as our carpets looked as though they needed to be replaced. But they literally restored the ENTIRE HOUSE'S carpeting to looking pristine and brand new! I am a woman who keeps my home meticulously clean and still they wowed me! I wholeheartedly recommend Chem-dry  to anyone who is fastidious and meticulous!

Theresa A.

My carpet was extremely dirty and had many stains from a party. Chem-Dry left it looking new.

Ed E.

The guy who came to my house was courteous and professional. I have used your service in the past and like the way my carpets look when they dry. Drying time is much shorter than the traditional process.

Marion J.

Courteous on time service. I have had the same serviceman for over ten years, Mario. He has been with me through all of my teenagers (one still at home spilling on the off-white carpet), one cat who contributes to the stains and one dog who loves to sneak up stairs to mark his territory. Needless to say, Mario, is a one-of-a-kind guy.

Judy O.

The gentleman who came to our house was very polite and professional. He explained everything to us and we ended doing two rooms instead of just the one we had planned on. The prices and the service were great. The carpets look and smell brand new! I won't be calling anyone else from now on!

Melanie O.

The technicians were very cordial, good workers, and we are happy with the job they did for us. The carpet came out very clean and fluffy - not bad for a fairly old carpet!

Sue C.

Excellent service representative. He was extremely helpful, professional and courteous in solving our carpet cleaning issues that had mainly been animal issues. Thanks again for another great job!

Georgia H.

The pet odor treatment really worked. I was skeptical at first, but was very impressed. No more urine odor.

Melonie H.

Your service man was knowledgeable and detailed. The carpets were dry in an hour! The smell of your cleaner was fresh and natural.

Sarah G.

I like the effectiveness of your process. It's not as wet as other applications, you get the edges clean, and unlike others, it is a fast process with very competent people.

Mary M.

Carpets dry quickly and I thought our service tech was very professional, courteous and thorough. He did a great job.

Glenda A.

 I am incredibly pleased with the results I have from the cleaning of my sofa and chairs by Chem-Dry.  These folks were extremely, honest,thorough, professional and did a wonderful job.  I highly recommend them.

Patricia W.

Chem Dry did a fantastic job on my carpets and area rug!  Joe and Cali were professional, courteous, helpful and very quick.  On their way out I asked what the price would be to clean my area rug and it was a great deal so I asked if they could stay and clean it.  Not only did they stay, they helped me to move all the furniture piled on the area rug!  All my big stains are gone and the carpets and rug look great!  I will definitely use Chem Dry   whenever I need my carpets cleaned!

Jessica A.

We were planning to replace the carpets on the new house we bought, then found out we couldn't get them before the end of the year, so we decided to try to get them cleaned and see if we could live with them. Boy, were we amazed at how clean these carpets were after Chem-Dry was here. I would not have believed it if someone had told me it could be done. There are still some spots and stains, but the difference is just flat amazing, and what is left is barely noticeable, and then only because I know where to look. The technician was friendly, courteous and knowledgeable. He answered all my questions intelligibly and finished my 6 rooms and a hallway very quickly. I will definitely call Chem-Dry for any future carpet cleaning needs. Thank you for a very positive experience.

Deanna J.

I have had my carpets cleaned a few times with other companies and never have we had our carpet look as clean as it does now. I like the fact that you vacuum and do spot cleaning and have the availability and products to remove soiled stains. Your employees are very congenial and professional. They offer good advice on stain removal and how to keep carpets clean. Plus the fact that you offer scotch guard was a plus for me.

Diana B.

Thank you so much for cleaning my carpets at home. I really appreciate it. It was great service and looks as good as it can get. The young man [service technician] was a pleasure. We love your service.

Kim C.

Your Service Techs were prompt, cordial, informative and thorough. Chem-Dry has come through with amazing results on our carpet with the pet stains and other stains too (like ink)! We were very pleased with your services.

Kathie B.

Did a great job. I had some seriously dirty carpet. Looks and feels soooo much better.

Beth B.

Just had the best service getting our couches cleaned by your tech! Thank you. Will be calling for carpets soon and referring others!

Kelly E.

Don from Chem-Dry Seattle was very professional.  The floors looked wonderful when he was finished.  He removed a lot of pet hair and the process removed old stains that no other company was able to.  I learned a lot.  I will ask Don to come back and I highly recommend him!

Deb A.

Fanastic. I needed tp have the floor grout cleaned in 2 bathrooms. The tile is white ceramic and the grout used to be white. Took a chance on a company I was not familiar with and it paid off. Ron was punctual, courteous, knew his business, knew exactly what to do, did the prep necessary in protecting my hardwood floors and carpets from the hose needed to pressurize. He did a test on the grout with the clearner needed until he  had the right mix for my grout. Everything went perfect, and the grout and tile look new as if I just purchased the townhome. I made the right decision to go with Ron, Thank you!

Lydia C.

I like that the rugs are not as wet and dry quicker than other [companies]. Your spray cleaner also works well in between cleanings.

Dawn G.

Service from Tim and Phil has been exceptional as well as from the woman who schedules the service. We are a repeat customer for this reason. The cleaning is great. No strong odors, no messes. I don't have to worry about vacuuming before hand - and best of all, I feel like my floors and carpets are new again!

Jill G.


"I was very pleased with the carpet cleaning services that was provide today. Brandon the tech was courteous and professional. The condition of the carpet was poor, due to my son spilling juice and from high traffic. He did and excellent job cleaning the carpet and explaining the process. I love how clean my carpet is now and won't be embarrass to invite guest over.  I will definitely use this company again and will recommend it to families and friends."



Green Mitten Chem-Dry did a great job! The bill was less than the quote. The best part is the way my carpet feels, wonderful walking around in my bare feet.

Cecilia C

Service personnel on the phone were extremely friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable. The man that cleaned our carpet was very nice and did an excellent job. He moved my furniture because my husband wasn't home. The only spot left was an old coffee stain...and I can barely see it. We are VERY satisfied and will definitely call Chem Dry again.

Meredith B.

We had Rod from Nature's Way ChemDry from Burlington WI out this morning.  We couldn't be more pleased!  Rod was very knowledgeable and went the extra mile to make sure not only that our carpet was cleaned but helped with some issues we're having with our cats.  He was fantastic and gave us info. on a few products we can use to keep the odor under control.  Thank you Rod!!


My roommate was home while this service was taking place, and she made sure to message me telling me how nice and professional the techs were. This is a huge compliment. Thank you.

Jennifer S.

I have a wool area rug that had dog stains from vomit and pee on it. I am embarrassed to say some of the stains have been there for at least a year. Earl did an excellent job getting the stains completely out. My rug looks brand new! Thank you Chem Dry! 

Jan Bentley

I started using Chem-Dry, Las Vegas, about 3 years ago.  I get my carpet cleaned ever 2-3 mos religiously!  I am not a fan of carpet but my husband is.  I have light tan carpet that is 15 years old!  My Technician,Phil usually comes to service the high traffic areas and 2 bedrooms.  He does a phenomenal job! My husband and I are truly pleased with the work Chem-Dry provides.  I get appointments readily and the technicians are always friendly and clearly professional.  I highly recommend Chem-Dry, Las Vegas.  Awesome job every visit.

Pamela L

Chem Dry Town & Country did a great job! Very efficient, friendly and did a great job at removing pet stains. They answer their phones when you call which is a huge customer service plus. I would definitely use them again.

Gwenn L.

Carpets look so much better and your treatment does not leave them soaking wet. I like Chem-Dry's method of carpet cleaning.

Nancy M.

We like the fast and courteous service from your office to the expertise of your serviceman. I would like to especially thank Mario, a good tech and more importantly, a gentleman. Thank you and see you soon.

Gene A.

Everyone with pets needs to keep Chem-Dry Pet Odor Extinguisher on hand for the little oopsies in life. Chem Dry is by far the best carpet cleaners I have ever dealt with and being able to have some of what makes their process excellent in my home at all times is fabulous. Easy to use and works really well!!!

Nicki L.

Your crew is incredibly efficient! Our pathetic carpet looks amazing!

Kerry C.

The cleaning of my wall to wall carpet comes out so well and I am able to walk on it in a few hours. The carpet [area rug] that was taken out to be cleaned at your establishment looks great - and it was pretty soiled.

Catherine K.

I found the experience at Chem-Dry Hanford (California) to be great!  He was able to get out stains with ease and had a great attitude throughout the cleaning.  I would highly recommend, especially since the carpets are dry in about 1 to 2 hours.  By the end of the day they were completely dry and I would highly recommend! 

David L.

The carpet and the couches are CLEAN and smell nice. The SERVICE is always professional, personable, they seem to always go just a little further than required to do an excellent job. An extended family member told us about a less expensive option, and we listened. But we cannot put a price tag on the over-the-top and the taking-the-time-that-is-needed service that makes your company excellent. We truly are happy with the job, as they were last time and plan to continue to be. We had different technicians each time, and all treated us personable, friendly, and professional, and did more than was required to make the job done more than well! This time we had Juan and Rafael. Thank you guys!!

Kelly W.

Chem-Dry has reliable, prompt service with excellent results. The prices are competitive and the follow-up is great.

Nancy W.

I had my home done and I'm so empressed. My carpets they look new. I'm so happy I had them done by Chem-Dry. Thank you so much. You are on my number one list.


Linda P.

Brandon from Flagstaff Chem-Dry volunteered to clean the carpets in the Reading Room at the Flagstaff Family Food Center.  He said, "Yes" to my request, arrived the very next day, and did a fine job cleaning the area rugs.  The children and I appreciate knowing that Chem-Dry left us with cleaner, healthier carpets.  My relationship with Chem-Dry from Minnesota to Flagstaff is so positive.


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*Based on studies conducted by independent laboratories of Chem-Dry’s HCE (Hot Carbonating Extraction), P.U.R.T. (Pet Urine Removal Treatment), Granite Countertop Renewal, and Tile, Stone & Grout cleaning processes. Allergens tested were dog and cat dander and dust mite allergen. Pet odor results based on testing with the most common odor sources found in dog and cat urine. Pet urine bacteria results based on Chem-Dry’s HCE cleaning process and a sanitizer, combined with P.U.R.T. All bacteria results include use of sanitizer. Figures are an average across multiple tests.